To Share is To Heal

I am on a thousand-mile journey. My shoes are worn out and my flask is empty. The sun is beating down on me. I want to give up, yet I continue to take one tiny step at a time. I don’t know what propels me forward in this desolate place.  Is it my faith in God and his promises for a reunion one day? Is it out of love for dad, Zach and other family members who loved you so much? Or, is it the memory of you battling through one of the toughest situations imaginable and never giving up. You never gave up.  How can I?

And so I remain here among the “living” and share your stories from the days of your life — before and after cancer became a part of our lives. I have quickly learned that sharing memories about you helps to heal this momma’s wounded heart. So, as you enjoy the glory of heaven, rest in peace in the presence of Jesus, and do whatever amazing things you get to do up there, I write to remember every little thing about you and the journey we shared.

Remembering your brief but IANspirational life keeps you alive in my heart and in the hearts of all who knew and loved you…and even those who have come to know you only by the words I cobble together in an attempt to convey who you are and the love you spread during the 23 years you walked here. I don’t know how long I will continue to write this blog. Perhaps only until my heart is strong enough to beat on its own two feet. Or, maybe for as long as it takes to share every treasured memory that replays in my mind. Maybe then I, too, can rest. I hope these stories inspire a few readers to live life more fully, love people deeply like you did, and love God.



3 thoughts on “To Share is To Heal

  1. Hi sherrie-I do not know who you are nor have we met, but I can tell you, I can share in your grief. My granny passed away almost two years ago and I still miss her everyday. There are scents like gardenia that when I smell it, it brings me to tears. When I make eggs the way she did, it brings me to tears. And when I tell my son, eh don’t talk to me like that, it brings me to laughter and then tears because she used to say that. Thank You for sharing this blog with everyone. It has been a blessing to read them and a gentle reminder that God is still Good, that he is the comforter for us all and that he so deeply loves us. Praying Gods blessings over you and your family 💕🙏🏻

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    1. Jennifer, We share a journey of grief, but we also share our hope in Jesus! I pray you are comforted as you miss your granny. Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I definitely feel healing when I write it.


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