We Feel You…

Facebook Post:  March 23, 2017

You bought this longboard very shortly after we got the news about the cancer and the challenging treatment plan you faced. One of the first questions you asked the doctor was if you could still surf. The doctor said there would be times when you probably wouldn’t be up to it because you might be too weak. He said, though, that it would be a good idea to stay active.

Well, that’s all you needed to hear and you made sure that the doctor repeated that statement with me in the room! I told the doctor he should probably define “active.” We all laughed, somehow, on that dreadful day.

Never one to sit down and give up, we headed to the surf warehouse in Kalaeloa to pick out a longboard that would help you through the tough months ahead, since longboarding would take less energy. While at the surf warehouse, a thoughtful employee asked what was up with the large bandage on your neck. When you shared your story, he prayed with you.  The gesture meant a lot to you. You were growing closer to God every day.

A few days later, your good friend Jordan drove all the way from Kaneohe so you could surf Barbs on a sunny weekday afternoon with your new board. You were stoked!

The ocean was always your soul therapy. Perhaps it still is…

Today, Lei enjoys that board at the beach where you were teaching her to surf. Dad, Zach, Kellen, Eric, Jordan, and all your surf buddies (too many to name them all) feel your presence in a big way in the ocean. Dad calls it his “Ian” time, especially when the sun is way down and the sky turns red.

You never wanted a surf session to end. One more ride was your motto! One more ride until the sun was gone and you were but a silhouette against the darkening sky, just like in this picture.

And, today, on a very good day, we feel your presence. It’s much like a silhouette, but nonetheless we feel you.

But one day, we will see you again in full color — with all your hair, your bright smile, your strong body and your huge heart. So many people look forward to that day, especially your momma who misses you terribly still.

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