The Hedge

I feared the hedge would die.

One day, in the middle of the chaos, I dared to dream that the hedge would make it.

I imagined how we would later tell the story of the dying hedge in our front yard as a metaphor of how you faced down your near-death experience with cancer, but you came back with vigor to live out the rest of your days with renewed focus and perspective.

We would explain how the dry branches appeared beyond resuscitation. It was that pesky, destructive white fly that snuck in under the radar and spread relentlessly beneath the abundant beautiful green leaves and orange hibiscus blossoms.

We would remember how the first sign of trouble was the lack of new growth. Scraggly branches were revealed as leaves and flowers refused to regenerate. I would explain how we worked diligently to save the hedge, washing off the white flies and pruning back those dead branches.

We would describe how it looked bad for a while, but in the end the hedge came back. It blossomed.

This was the story that should have been … but reality went another way.

The hedge lived,

but you died.

The orange blossoms mocked me.

Until one day I realized,

the Hedge could be me.




7 thoughts on “The Hedge

      1. Yes, sometimes, I do find that the words just come, and there is an emotional release when they do. I’m so glad that you share these times through your blog, because it is encouraging to readers. I’ve had friends tell me that seeing how I respond in my trials is helpful to them in their own walks with Christ. I didn’t realize that this was a ministry until they brought this to my attention. It is so difficult though. Sometimes, I wish I had a ministry that was easier to bear, given the pain that is involved. But, I’m learning to accept that this is the road that God has for me to walk for a reason. I keep focusing on Romans 8:28, reminding myself that He is working something good in it, even it it may not “feel” good for a season.

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      2. So true. I do believe our words can help others, as I know yours helped me so much in my grief journey…especially when i realized our boys were about the same age and both so full of life♡ It was good to “watch” a Christian sister walk this difficult road with God’s grace.


      3. I’m not sure a comment I wrote earlier this morning was actually sent. So, I’m trying again now.

        I also find that sometimes the words just come, and it is like an emotional release when they do. Thank you for sharing your words on your blog; it is encouraging to readers to see how you respond to your trial. I never realized that simply responding in a godly way is such a ministry until some of my friends pointed it out to me with my own trials/responses. Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t been called to such a painful ministry, but I’m learning to accept God’s plan for my life. I frequently remind myself of Romans 8:28 to focus on the fact that He is working something good even if it doesn’t always “feel” good to me.


    1. Kim, you’re right. I had you confused with another Kim with a pink flower gravatar! My apologies. I look forward to reading your blog, as you follow the road that the Lord has commissioned you on. God bless!


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